Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swine Flu Diary - Melissa Auf der Maur

Photo courtesy of Melissa Auf der Maur

Musician Melissa Auf der Maur, formerly of Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins has Mexican Flu.
She writes in her weblog:

"About two weeks ago, I was reading an article in The Globe and Mail over breakfast, when a question crossed my mind: 'Have I been kissed by the gloom of Swine?'

You might think it’s a shocking or silly question, but I’d been sick on and off for a month. It turns out that, somewhere between a video shoot in Vermont, a heavy metal concert in London, and my own musical showcase in Toronto, I had indeed fallen victim to a world pandemic. I am now officially on the mend – thanks to a combination of naturopathic treatments and heavy-duty antibiotics, among other survival tools – and I’ve gathered enough energy to type out this, my swine flu chronicle."

Swine Flu Diary - Melissa Auf der Maur

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sabroso164 said...

Perhaps the term "Mexican Flu" is OK in Europe or in your country, but it is quite offensive to those of us in the Americas (and obviously, especially the people of Mexico). Mexico was "ground zero" for the flu, but certainly is not the blame for it.