Monday, March 28, 2011

El Universal: Venezuela confirms 415 cases of influenza AH1N1

Eugenia Sader, Venezuela's Minister of Health
Eugenia Sader, Venezuela's Minister of Health, said that the cases of influenza AH1N1 have spread throughout 19 states, adding that no new deaths were reported.

The Minister of Health confirmed at a press conference that there are 415 cases of influenza AH1N1 nationwide, spread in 19 Venezuelan states. She said that no new deaths have been reported. "The number of deaths remains unchanged," she added.

The top health official said that there are confirmed cases of AH1N1 in the states of: Mérida (189 cases); Capital District (77); Miranda (69); Trujillo (15); Táchira (10); Carabobo (8); Lara (7); Guárico (5); Aragua (5); Vargas (5); Yaracuy (5); Cojedes (5); Zulia (4); Amazonas (3); Nueva Esparta (2); Barinas (2); Anzoátegui (2); Sucre (1) and Portuguesa (1). The figures corresponded to January 1-March 27.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez on Sunday urged people during his weekly program Aló Presidente (Hello, President) to meet hygiene standards recommended by the Ministry of Health and welcomed the cooperation of private hospitals.

Chávez called government officials to intensify the prevention campaign. The Venezuelan head of state devoted some five minutes to give recommendations related to AH1N1 in his Sunday program, which lasted more than 6 hours.

Meanwhile, for the second consecutive week, classes will remain suspended in primary schools and high schools in the state of Mérida, southwestern Venezuela, as a preventive measure after the outbreak of AH1N1 in the Andean region.

The Andes University also announced that the academic and administrative activities have been suspended until further notice.

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My first post in 144 days

Apologies to everybody that expected to find updates on the new AH1N1 outbreak in Mexico in here.

I will try to follow the AH1N1-news more closely again from now on.