Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ennahar Online - Clashes between police and pig breeders in Cairo


Violent clashes erupted Sunday in Cairo between pig breeders and the police who come to take their animals for slaughter, according to a journalist on the spot.

Three to four hundred residents of Manchiyet Nasr at the top of the Moqattam hill began to throw stones and bottles at police dispatched to the scene in mid-day.

A few hundred anti-riot policemen then responded by launching tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators, mostly young people.

The government ordered Wednesday the slaughter of some 250,000 pigs, raised in the country, as a measure against swine influenza, while no cases of the flu has occurred in Egypt and that the WHO has identified no contamination case of a pig to man.

Ennahar Online - Swine flu: Clashes between police and pig breeders in Cairo

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