Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reuters: UN agency slams Egypt order to cull all pigs

Pigs near a Cairo household Tuesday. Egyptian health authorities are examining thousands of pigs for swine flu. The United Nations' food agency said on Tuesday its  was mobilizing its animal health experts to check if the new strain of flu virus  widely described as swine flu is really directly linked to pigs.
ROME (Reuters) - Egypt's order on Wednesday to cull all the country's pigs is 'a real mistake' and another reason why the world needs to rethink using 'swine flu' to describe a virus affecting humans, a U.N. agency official said.

Egypt, where pigs are mainly raised by the country's Christian minority, described the order to slaughter the animals as a precautionary measure in a country hard hit by bird flu. Up to 400,000 pigs could be culled, a cabinet spokesman said.

Joseph Domenech, the chief veterinary officer at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation, told Reuters his staff were trying to reach Egyptian authorities to correct any confusion about a virus that has killed humans but not been found in pigs.

Reuters AlertNet - UN agency slams Egypt order to cull all pigs

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