Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Egyptians seek 'immediate death' for nation's pigs

Pigs near a Cairo household Tuesday. Egyptian health authorities are examining thousands of pigs for swine flu. The United Nations' food agency said on Tuesday its  was mobilizing its animal health experts to check if the new strain of flu virus  widely described as swine flu is really directly linked to pigs.

CAIRO - Egypt's lower house of parliament called on Tuesday for the nation's 250,000 pigs to be killed immediately because of fears over the spread of swine flu, state news agency MENA reported.

"The People's Assembly urged the government to immediately start culling pigs and not to relocate pig-breeding farms away from residential areas for fear of the spread of swine flu," MENA said.

Egypt's 80-million population consists mainly of Muslims, whose religion forbids them from eating pork, as well as an estimated six to 10 per cent Christian Copts who may eat pig meat.

Egyptians seek 'immediate death' for nation's pigs

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